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I started working on a new story last night during the Oscars. It’s in my head right now, but will soon solidify into actual words on a page. I can always tell when it’s a story I’m going to write down because it sticks in my head–it doesn’t fade like an unimportant daily encounter. It was there when I woke up today and as I showered. I dwelled on it as I drove to work. I’ve been thinking about it at my desk today, too.

The working title, That Damned Dusty Man, popped into my head last night as I again thought about how few Westerns are made anymore. I don’t have a character name yet, aside from his description in the title. But I have some background already. I know how his life ends and the story starts with that.

Most of my writing so far has centered around horror, fantasy, or children’s, though I’ve scrawled out some notes over the years with ideas for Western plot points. We’ll see where it goes from here.


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